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First and foremost investing in cryptocurrency is very risky and dangerous. This is not a get rich quick scheme. Only use money you are willing to lose if you do venture into crypto. Protect your passwords and private keys. Please beware of hackers and scammers contacting you. Try to keep it street and community based. May the fortune be with you and your Coinconnects. (Myspace clone) was created to help people with small finance become financially stable. Most people want to get rich quick but this is not the message. This is for long term investors who want to build things in their community. Businesses that plan to incorporate and or integrate crypto into them. Music and movies have gone digital more than ever now. Money looks like its going further in that direction too. This is a platform for you to discover new crypto and other things like music, movies, sports, and videogames. Its a place to meet people in crypto and make it real. It seems like alot of things in society are scams so lets change that. Time for the urban community to learn about the blockchain and secure their financial future.

You should refrain from sending any type of money, reward points, or cryptocurrencies to any unknown users for any reasons. You will probably be scammed and lose your custody for nothing in return. WECONNECTD.COM IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR LOSES OFF SITE!!! You may probably be frustrated but that is your responsibility. Cryptocurrencies allow everyday people the ability to turn pennies and dollars into hundred or more. But can also turn thousands into less than a penny over a short period of time or long depending on your timing. It is similar to the stock markets but is more accelerated and volatile. You can go from $100 dollars to $.009 cents before you see it.

The blockchain is away for the middle person to be removed. Its about exposing data and making it difficult for bad government officials to move and hide money from the people. So to help power WeConnectd, the crypto blockchain Coinconnect will be used to support. Coinconnect is a Proof of Work and Proof of Stake coin that has its own blockchain. You can start mining immedialty but you have to hold your coins for 30 days to start earning from staking. This site is great for anybody trying to join a social gathering in cryptocurrency. We encorage developers of coins/tokens to register and gain coinconnects. The site is still in development and there will be new features added to boost the experience. Stay tuned, build and be alert. "YOU ARE THE GREATEST ROI." Powered By

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